"Kellerspielchen, Anthologie Der Laborversuche, Zweiter Band" - null006


Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 28, Laborversuch 313, Dampfhammer"

Hypraviolenct complex rhythmic buldozer running you over with the vilest delight.

6:21 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 28, Laborversuch 315"

Rhythmic power noise apocalypse with loads of orgasmical feedback ejaculations sploshing at your sweet face.

5:12 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 29, Laborversuch 321a"

Loopy dehuminizing repetetive soundscapes with analogue clicks and clacks for the connoisseurs in industrial matters among you.

4:23 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 29, Laborversuch 321b"

Harsh rhythmic sequences. A fistula between the holes ending in a bloody burst of organs...

4:45 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 29, Laborversuch 323"

Overstressed speedcore mayhemic holocaust improvisations...

4:39 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 31, Laborversuch 333, Eine Art Traum"

Vocal brutal extreme power noise with layers of romantic melo sinewave. To listen to with your lovely sweetheart in front of a chimney fire.

3:12 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 32, Laborversuch 354c, Unschöner Morgen "

Electro beats. Death on the dancefloor...

4:06 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 32, Laborversuch 357, Die Gartenkugel "

Rhythmic intelligent white noise assaults with disturbing power electronics and agonizing frequencies.

3:38 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 33, Laborversuch 362, Stress (Noisy RMX)"

"Der Name ist Programm". Stressful harsh punky noisecore from outta hell.

4:23 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 34, Laborversuch 381"

Apocalyptic gothcore with the medieval choirs of the damned banging at your very ears. The time has come...

6:06 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 35, Laborversuch 388b, Spasmolytikum"

Bleepy and bippy analogue harsh rhythms.

5:07 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 36, Laborversuch 394c"

Total noise chaos fucked up rythmic speedcore of DEATH.

4:44 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 36, Laborversuch 397a"

Harsh vocal powernoise with lots of agonizing screams and tons of reverb...

5:33 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 38, Laborversuch 403d"

Analogue harshcore manipulations.

5:46 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 39, Laborversuch 407"

Nearly a quarter of an hour of devastating and powerloaded vocal white noise structures. A long no-holds barred journey into chaos, violence, obsession and love.

13:11 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 46, Laborversuch 467, Wer Soll Das Essen?"

Analogue power rhythmics.

5:28 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 47, Laborversuch 472c"

The second version of "Spasmolytikum", harsher but shorter then the original.

1:28 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 49, Laborversuch 480, Psychose"

It's those well known sounds again. Experimental deep droning ambient noise soundscapes.

6:18 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 49, Laborversuch 481c, Insektenkrieg"

Intelligent beatcore with ear-crushing analogue sequences.

6:03 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 50, Laborversuch 496, Gummitanz"

Experimental electro-acoustic rubber dance.

4:29 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 50, Laborversuch 498, Armageddon"

Saturated dark ecclectic tribal techno beats with harsh analogue screams.

9:50 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 51, Laborversuch 503, Koma"

Rhythmic terror with some sinewave sounds here and there.

8:07 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 51, Laborversuch 504b, Todesvisionen"

Old school techno with deadly soundscapes coming from the BEYOND...

7:45 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 52, Laborversuch 509, Blindstruktur"

Weird sinewave-rhythms experiments.

8:33 min

Ad Absurdum - "Kellerspielchen 53, Laborversuch 514, Katzenjammer"

Tiny Lo-Fi melodies with cosmic rythms. Recommended!

6:39 min