Les Boyaux De La SS feat. Boiled Rice

Live in Oberpfaffenhofen - null005


Les Boyaux De La SS feat. Boiled Rice - live in Oberpfaffenhofen

It is nearly midnight. This is the year 1932, the last year before the rise of the tide. Somewhere in Berlin there is a Silvester party. Its laughter guides you through the labyrinth of the more and more intense sounds of this tragic comedy. Like into an acoustic blocked basin, it gathers all the recklessness of a whole year, a whole generation. In each corner of these soundscapes one does not take serious, one does not know if one has to laugh or to mourn, in these ending so called "golden" twenties. Ballanced between the constant struggle of different parties you feel yourself drowning in the stream of cabaret songs, speeches and this general cacophonic potpourri.

This is none of those silly reverse prophecies, this is a significant document coming from a woman shattered and twisted by emotions, irritated by the times she lived in, the so called "golden" eighties, the neo-capitalist imperialism. Everything what was done with the victims of the third Reich, the vilest slavery, the executions and torture, has then be transposed into a consumers doctrine. It is no wonder that the nazi became hype in those days, for it was nothing but "Kaufen Macht Frei", a bitter reality the 80s boys and girls had to face each day.

One should listen to those documents every single day, maybe if we understand what happened in the past, we will be able to understand what is happening today...

57:05 min