"Patterns" - null002


Anna - "Pat 01"

A deserted highway. A cold night. You are on the threshold to sleep. You watch the lines at the border of the road passing by your automobile. Neverending. Further on. Who knows where...

4:02 min

Anna - "Pat 02"

Leaving the highway, you are entering the suburbs of a lost city. You and those orange lights are the last witnesses to this night's end...

3:05 min

Anna - "Pat 03"

You've found your way home. You are parking the car in front of your very sleeping room. You cut of the engine and stay for a wile. You are asking yourself what you are thinking about. Nothing... you think for thinkings sake...

4:23 min

Anna - "Pat 04"

You remember some moments of your past life. What a strange thing to do in this car, in the middle of the night...

1:39 min

Anna - "Pat 05"

You get out of your automobile and reach your door. While looking for your keys you see the neighbours garden door moving in the wind.

2:23 min

Anna - "Pat 06"

You enter your home. The badly lit staircase. You go to the upper floor. You don't switch the light on, for you know perfectly well where you are... you are at home...

3:40 min

Anna - "Pat 07"

The smell in your house reminds you of the good old times. Friends. Ideas. Lots of drinking. You take a step to the window. You see that leafless tree outside. Maybe he was your only friend until the very end...

3:34 min

Anna - "Pat 08"

You switch on the TV. You like the atmosphere of those uncoded Pay-TV programs. Your room appears in a throbbing blue light. Have a seat. Make your self comfortable. You are alone... so alone...

5:23 min

Anna - "Pat 09"

Go have a bath. It'll do you good. Still no light. Remember that morning with... well, you know who. Remember the breakfast you used to have on sunday mornings...

2:52 min

Anna - "Pat 10"

No tears. No more feelings. Everything is so apathic now. Only the water is warm, the fumes blur your visions...

3:12 min

Anna - "Pat 11"

What's that? A razor sharp knife. What are you thinking about? NO, you won't do that, do you...

1:27 min

Anna - "Pat 12"

Finally a smile. Let's have a night of deep deep rest... just one more time that song you like, it's that one from Anna. You danced on it several nights long in front of your mirror...

6:06 min

Anna - "Pat 13"

Now sleep tight, sweet heart.

3:11 min