a nullerecords compilation - null001


Samantha Nuller - "Emotions (part 1)"

The first two tracks are coming from me (these were not done by Lamasse, even if some people might tell you so). They are taken from the unreleased "Emotions" series, which were to "jazzy" in the ears of the TNT crew to release them. Well, nevermind... at Nullerecords we are multi-culti !

0:47 min

Samantha Nuller - "Emotions (part 2)"

See above.

1:22 min

Taciturne - "Trekamon Fyrrt (unplugged at the pianobar)"

An unreleased track of Taciturne, taken from a demo-tape I found at his place and which will soon be released in full length on Nullerecords (NULL005). Though this track is the only accoustic one, the other tracks are pure Taciturnian sinewave mayhem... watch out !

2:54 min

Thy Mega Therion - "Filet De Sam"

Thy Mega Therion's fine gourmet contribution... As stated before, I am quite sure that TMT is no other but Gigabrothers HDG. At least he seems to have some kind of humour... Anyway, bon apetit!

5:19 min

Complexe Parketts feat. Samantha Nuller - "Free Sam"

An unreleased jam session I once recorded with the legendary CPs and the REAL ones !!! Not that bad revival faked reunion of Melba's... the only real and original Perl, Oola, Perry and Iasonorphee : Make Some Noise !!!

0:43 min

Salmiak Overload - "Payable Gutter Love"

A punchy house track by the mysterious Salmiak Overloads.

1:19 min

Anna - "Titti Tutti"

A rare and unreleased track taken from a tape I picked up after the murder of the New Wave queen Anna in her chalet. The rest of the tape is sceduled for NULL002 (Anna's "Patterns") and will be released soon.

3:11 min

Eidesformel BJ - "We R Eidesformel BJ"

The two boneheads from the neo-nazi shit project Eidesformel BJ send me their "harsh power electronics with distorted vocals" hymn, probably just to make a fool out of me. Well, here you are : at Nullerecords we are openminded, even towards idiots... "We R Nuuulllerrrecoooords..."

3:23 min

Wermut - "Armoise Amère"

Two tracks coming from an Hungarian foursome, Wermut, unknown to this very day and mates of the formidable Kostnice... more to come on Nullerecords !!!

2:17 min

Wermut - "Orovela"

See above.

3:21 min

Ad Absurdum - "Eisblume"

A tiny romance here from well known harkore artist Ad Absurdum using those lovely Amiga sinewave sounds. Watch out for null004 and null006 fully dedicated to this little man living in his cellar dreaming of frozen flowers...

5:30 min

PB 909 - "The Power Of Perplex Barquettes"

Some guys who think they are PB... well, nevermind the Barquettes her's PB 909!

2:49 min

Toreador Pur - "Jack Fuller, Jonathan Patchen And Christopher Minton Are Dead. What Shall We Do? Let's call Toreador!"

Toreador somewhat dislikes an US pop band....

3:25 min

William Osmose - "Sloppy"

Billy O. still can't handle it.

3:36 min

EPC - "Experimental Hardcore"

Experimental hardcore from Frogland, Bretagne to be more precise (otherwise they'll probably kick my butt!!!). Ronan Le Roux has the kick!

4:14 min

Nike - "Are You Ready For Nike?"

Nike's a funny guy, really. First he did not want to contribute any song for my null001, but then he was so pissed, he gave me a whole tape with unreleased originals... I didn't even had to suck cock! Anyway... are you ready for Nike?

2:23 min

Az - "Fer Traut"

French transcendental Dark-Ambient right from Kali-Yuga epicenter : Paris.

3:58 min

Sushi Crew - "HiFi Beat Wave Creation"

Chaotic Dot-Mid Breakbeats as usual.

2:58 min

SA5 - "Rave"

The Cheap-Tech solo project of Bernadette (half of Mandarine Duck) with a cute and tiny techno anthem...

1:51 min

Chic Type - "Hope"

Some more stuff from Ronan Le Roux and his neo-romantic chip tune project Chic Type... and indeed he's a real nice guy!

4:45 min

Dog'O'7 Hips feat. E. Tomatopesto - "The Fest Of The Peuple Du Monde"

Huh... I like that! Strange bizarre Fetish Goth sounds here from sick plastic weirdos coming from Aldebaran. Dance or DIE!!!

3:00 min